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You're dedicated and hardworking. You're honest. You have the license.
Apply today to become part of the BTFS team.

As one of the UK's longstanding preferred suppliers to the TV and Film industry, we are continually looking to improve and add additional drivers to our transport team. Determination, integrity and honesty are core values of BTFS and we expect and search for the same in all of our staff. Candidates must hold a clean LVG license (Class 1) and have a great willingness to work hard.

Be the host

A significant part of the job is ensuring that the facilties on location are clean, tidy and ready for the artists and staff using them. A willingness to help and be at hand is essential.

Drive the success

Candidates must hold a clean LVG license (Class 1) and have experience with driving the vehicles which we provide.

Embrace the Adventure

The industry which we service is a fun but demanding industry. You will need to be flexible with time, open minded but continually striving to represent the business in the most possible manner.

Its a team game

On location you be will be part of a team. Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, what makes the company work.

Is this role right for you?

To do this role, you will need to:

  • Have excellent driving skills

  • Have good experienced of driving and maneuvering large vehicles

  • Be able to plan effectively

  • Be punctual

  • Have a sound knowledge of mechanics, electrics and plumbing

  • Be very adaptable and resilient

  • Be able to work as part of a team

  • Have good communication skills

  • Have good literacy and numeracy skills

  • Be physically strong enough to cope with heavy lifting

  • Be prepared to clean up after cast and crew

  • Be aware of relevant health and safety laws and procedures

Our Facilities Drivers are responsible for vehicles such as make-up and costume units, artist trailers, production offices, or toilet units (known as honey-wagons).

You will be responsible for the vehicles arriving in good time at a specified location, which often means starting work very early. You will have thoroughly researched the best route to the location. For very remote locations, reaching the unit can be difficult for large vehicles, so considerable planning may be required to arrange suitable access. This may involve an advance recce of the location. Liaising with the Location Manager, they have to find the best place to park the vehicle. 

Before the shoot starts, Drivers prepare the vehicles, making sure that it is warm, clean and ready for use by the artists and crew, and that all the electrical appliances are in full working order. Throughout the shoot you are responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle, its safety, and its cleanliness. This will involve removing refuse from bins, cleaning, ensuring the crew is happy, emptying toilets and any other jobs which will help the crew. At the end of the shooting day, Drivers close up and lock the vehicle, clean it, and perhaps drive it to the next location. Drivers work very long hours, as they are often the first to arrive at, and the last to leave, a location.


Please send a CV and cover letter to info@btf-services.co.uk